How to Get Your Dog to Pee Outside

how to get your dog to pee outside?Get Your Dog to Pee Outside

Having a dog to take care of can be fun, but there are things to remember in terms of habits.

One important thing is how to get your dog to pee outside. It is preferable to get your dog used to peeing outside from the first day you bring him home. Your dog will need time to adapt to his new environment. Immediately start changing bad habits into good habits, the sooner the better. Good habits must be practiced consistently, and this will require your patience as your dog adapts.

Training a dog does not have to be a difficult task but it does take time, consistency and patience.Train your dog to pee outside at specific times of the day when you are available to walk him.

For example:

  • In the morning, when your dog wakes up because usually they will pee after long night sleep
  • At night before going to sleep (remember what time your dog begins to sleep normally)
  • After feeding him
  • After going for a run
  • A good peeing schedule should be at least every 7-8 hours

Your dog will get used to his peeing schedule and will stick to it! Notice if your dog’s behavior when they want to pee, like whimpering, making circle pattern, these may be your dog’s way of telling you he needs to pee.  Provide your dog with sufficient time to pee and poop outside; do not rush him, as he may need to go more than once during one walk.

Rewarding your dog for not peeing indoors also works, he will do anything for that treat, once he associates that he gets a treat every time does not pee indoors, he will wait for his walk to pee. Always remember that rewards work better than punishments. If you find your dog peeing inside the house, do not punish him, you need to find ways to meet his need of peeing during the day, and having a consistent schedule is the best way.

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