Olympic Animal Sanctuary Problems

Feed Once A Week – SHUT It Down

animal shelter with problems
This is not an image of the shelter, those images are to disgusting to showcase

In Fork, Washington the Olympic Animal Sanctuary is accused of running a disgusting dog shelter and slapped with a lawsuit.

An Officers Report Say ” There is barely enough room for the dogs to turn around, don’t have access to water and are feed maybe once per week”

I cant understand why this is a lawsuit and why charges on not brought against the owner of this torture chamber. He needs to be charged with cruelty to animals and for endangering the welfare of over 120 dogs.

The person who runs this place is Steve Markwell, SHAME ON YOU!

Many in and out of the community of Fork have protested over the cities refusal to take legal action and feel Steve is beyond help. Former volunteers provided images that showed how disgusting the dogs cages were [ full of feces, dirty water and chewed walls.] This of great concern to all the dog community. I encourage all who are in the Fork, Washington area to press your district managers and local government to put a stop to this torture house. Dogs deserve better treatment and must be protected as they cant speak for themseleves. All of those within the great state of Washington I encourage you to foster a dog to save them from this nightmare until a sutable owner is found so that they dont have to continue living under those circumstances. This breaking news is still developing and I will update it when more infomration comes in.
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Do you have any ideas on how we can get these dogs out of this shelter ASAP ? Please provide your comments below…


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