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” There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog, and ready money. “
Benjamin Franklin

Dog Culture Schedule

If you are all about dogs and want to learn more about canines and other interesting stories below is Dog Cultures schedule for everything we are currently doing that you could be involved in.

upcoming events

  • Tuesday – Thursday: Guess The Dog Breed

We share valuable information about dog breeds in a fun way with images, fun facts and more to educate current and future dog owners on potential breeds they may raise. You can be apart of these questions and answers on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Thursdays and Saturdays: New Blog Post

We release new blog post that are facts, training guides, reviews, opinionated, news, funny and sometimes just stories. These blog post are all original and you wont find them anywhere else so they are EXCLUSIVE to Dog Cultures Network. To view the new post all you have to do is come to www.dogculture.net every Thursday and Saturday at 12pm Eastern time and you will find the latest release or if you connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Linkedin you receive a message about it or if you are a DogCulture.net member you will receive an email about it. Would you like to always know what we are doing? Why wouldn’t you!



Are you asking what is a DogCulture.net member ?

Dog Culture is a social network for dog lovers with the intention of improving a dogs life and owners community. We share information, images, facts, stories and meet dog lovers world wide best of all its FREE and fun.


(done) Dog Photo of The Week

Have a great shot of your dog? Let us see every week we will display on our homepage and on the Dog Photo Page images that were submitted for the best dog photos of the week but only one will be featured.

Dog Age Calculator

The calculator can be used on the site for free or downloaded as an app on your tablet or mobile phone. Its general as different dog breeds age differently.

Children’s Story Book

The Adventures of Bubba Scubba: A story about a super hero dog

All you should know about the shih tzu

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